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K-FLEX MALAYSIA part of L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX spa, Italian multinational company specialized in manufacturing of elastomeric thermal & acoustic insulation materials and a worldwide market leader presents the K-PROTECT A CROSS-LINKED CLOSED CELL POLYOLEFIN FOAM INSULATION WITH ALUMINIUM FOIL.

K-PROTECT is designed taking into account the stringent norms of internationally accepted properties for the top-of-the-line Insulation materials. K-FLEX K-PROTECT is an answer for various application areas requiring Low Thermal Conductivity and Fire class approved product with very Flexible still tough Insulation material which offers ease of installation along with durable life span.

K-FLEX K-PROTECT is classified as Class “0” complying to BS 476 part 6 & 7. Thus offering an excellent Fire Resistance and use in multiple applications areas where the fire safety is paramount.

K-FLEX K-PROTECT is manufactured at our World Class Manufacturing Facility in Klang, near Selangor with machineries & setup capable of manufacturing the products adhering to strict international norms. K-FLEX engages the best quality Raw Materials, Manufacturing Practices and Quality Management system to ensure a Superior quality end product.

K-PROTECT can be used for Air conditions Ducting, Piping Insulation, Wall insulation, Acoustic insulations, Underdeck insulations, Tank Insulations and many other interior applications.

The K-PROTECT can be used in HVAC, Refrigeration, Pharmaceuticals, Solar Systems, Automotive, Hospitals, Industrial PEB’s, Room & Machines Acoustics, Plumbing, OEM’s, Automotives, Marine & Shipbuilding Industries and etc.

Technical Benefits & Advantages

  • K-PROTECT insulation product has been tested and certified for its properties by Third Party International Labs. The K-PROTECT product is designed for the world market taking into consideration the various requirements laid down by technical standards in various countries.
  • The completely Closed cell structure by cross-linking polymers ensure a consistent insulation property in the body of insulation. It offers the best resistance to water vapour ingress thus maintain the thermal conductivity of the Insulation
  • Comes with heat bonded factory laminated alufoil for long life. The K-PROTECT takes care of UV rays, Mechanical damages as well as the acts as a barrier for water vapours.
  • K-PROTECT is Technically superior insulation due to low thermal conductivity @ 0.032 w/m.K and high resistance to water vapour with μ value > 20,000
  • Fire Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to any building materials. The K-PROTECT is complying with BS 476 PART 6 & 7 norms and is classified as class “0” product.
  • K-PROTECT has a main objective of help the Energy Efficiency & Sustainability of the project. K-PROTECT is designed with Zero VOC, It is Formaldehyde free, it offer excellent resistant to Mould Growth and has a Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero. K-PROTECT is CFC HCHC free product thus it is an environmental friendly Green product.
  • K-PROTECT is a Fibre free and Dust free material, and help maintain the clean air quality in the conditioned spaces as well, it doesn’t cause any health hazards
  • Being designed with optimal effectiveness the K-PROTECT insulation is Cost effective. Being flexible and easy to apply, saves the installation costs and time involved in installation.
  • K-PROTECT is a Flexible insulation system. Being flexible it can be installed at ease on various surfaces. The flexibility reduces the installation time and simpler installation saves the cost of installation.
  • K-PROTECT with its closed cell structure has an excellent sound absorption properties.

Technical Specifications