Feature of the IsoCalc Software

The IsoCalc program is designed to perform various rudimentary thermal calculations using fundamental engineering heat flow formulas and input data that is application specific. The program will determine the following information applicable to pipe and sheet insulation for piping, duct, and large vessel applications:

  • Thickness to prevent condensation
  • Heat Loss/Gain
  • Surface and Outlet Temperatures
  • Cost to Operate System/Energy Savings
  • Time to Freeze


Typical input data which may be required for above calculations are: Fluid temperature, Ambient Temperature, Pipe Size, Relative Humidity, Length of Pipe, and Flow Rate. Thermal k-values for the insulation products offered have been pre-selected.

Note: information must be entered in all input fields for the program to operate.

If a given condition data point is not known, i.e. relative humidity, the program can be run using different conditions and the options presented to the end user for final insulation thickness selection. Several factors must be considered when determining operating conditions. For condensation control, “design” operating conditions should be selected. In other cases, efficiency (optimum pay-back) may be considered.

The icon selections will allow you to quickly navigate through the various operations of the program.

This software can be used on the MS Windows operating system.