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K-FLEX is the world’s leading manufacturer of elastomeric insulation systems. In 15 production facilities around the world.

Including Poland, France, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, Egypt, the UK, Vietnam and the USA, some 3,000 employees develop and manufacture outstanding product solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation.

K-FLEX has 63 sales offices on five continents, offering premium service to more than 50,000 customers. As the world’s fastest-growing company in the industry, K-FLEX is also a global player in the target market of building services, refrigeration, air-conditioning and ventilation, rail, shipping, automotive and beverage industries as well as the solar industry and OEM businesses.

K-FLEX products can be found often as own brands of our distribution partners, in buildings (residential, offices, hospitals, airports, major stadiums etc.), industrial plants (oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile etc.), as well as ships, railways and other vehicles, refrigerators,  heat pumps, machinery and beverage equipment.

K-FLEX products contribute to energy-saving and reducing the greenhouse effect. We are committed to providing safety through passive fire protection, protecting against noise and vibration and increasing the quality of the installation by means of precisely fitting moulded parts, effective adhesives and tapes.

K-FLEX has extended its product range and service portfolio. K-FLEX will be able to offer exceptional quality and delivery service. Customers will benefit from shorter delivery times and better planning ability. It is our aim in K-FLEX to offer exceptional quality and delivery service.

K-FLEX is committed to bringing the benefits of elastomeric insulation products to the market. By strict adherence to its company-wide principles, K-FLEX brings unique products to the insulation market.

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