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INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET is a range of insulation products by L‘ISOLANTE K-FLEX Group. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX Group is an Italian based multinational company specialize in manufacturing thermal and acoustic insulation material. L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX is one of the worldwide market leader.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET is produce in a world class, state of the art manufacturing facility in Klang, Malaysia, which practices international Quality Management System to ensure a superior quality, internationally recognize end product.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is a “Closed Cell Elastomeric Rubber Foam Insulation”, an insulation designed, taking into consideration of the stringent requirement of international accepted properties.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation system is the perfect solution for various HVAC thermal and acoustic


  1. Chilled water piping system
  2. Refrigeration pipework
  3. Ducting system
  4. Hot water piping system
  5. Large pipe and tanks insulation

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET has a low and consistent level of thermal conductivity value, over a long period of time.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation has an excellent fire resistance characteristic, complying to a stringent fire standard of BS 476 Part 6&7 with Class “0” classification.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET is indeed a perfect solution for projects where fire safety is a priority concern.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is a flexible and robust insulation material which offers easy and fast installation process and nevertheless a long and durable lifespan.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation comes with a complete closed cell structure which ensure an effective and consistent insulation properties over time. The closed cell structure creates an effective vapor barrier to prevent water vapor ingress in the insulation system.

The superior properties of INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is created through a long and tedious process of Research and Development program.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation achieves an effective thermal conductivity value of 0.034W/m.K @ 20 degrees Celsius and a high water diffusion factor μ > 10,000.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is tested according to a series of stringent standards. INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET is compliant to BS 476 Part 6&7 with Class “0” classification, ASTM E84 with effective result of 25/30 and UL 94 Class V-0. INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is a flexible insulation system which will ease installation process and lower installation time and resulting a massive cost saving.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET is clean room approved and environmental friendly insulation system, with numerous 3rd party test laboratory certifications Low VOC, Formaldehyde Free, CFC/HCFC Free, Fiber Free/Dust Free, Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero, Greenguard and Greenmark (Green Building Index) Approved.

INSUL-TUBE / INSUL-SHEET insulation is also Factory Mutual Approved and tested for EMSL G21 Anti Microbial Resistant.

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